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About Our Company

Glen and Dianne Thomas started their family-owned business in 1969 as Thomas Construction in the state of Illinois. They originally operated a successful asphalt plant and paving operation. Later in 1992, they entered the rumble strip field and specialized in rumble strip grinding contract work for state and county road departments, as well as other paving contractors.

They incorporated under the name of Thomas Grinding, Inc. and became so successful in the rumble strip field that the company built a strong reputation as one of the premier rumble strip contractors, and pioneered the industry with 6 new machine patents to date.

Today, they own and operate their own manufacturing facilities in Moore Haven, Florida and sell rumble strip grinding machines and parts, stump grinders, as well as offer training to contractors, municipalities, and other end-users in the industry.

Company Highlights:

· 38 years in the asphalt paving industry
· 15 years in the rumble strip grinding industry as contractors and equipment manufacturers
· Patented equipment
· Ability to deliver equipment and train anywhere in the world
· Experienced personnel
· Over 55,000 miles of rumble strip grinding experience in 37 states utilizing our own manufactured equipment

Glen & Dianne Thomas
Owners, Thomas Grinding, Inc.

P.O. Box 1083, Moore Haven, FL 33471 (863) 946-1461 Fax: (863) 946-1448 Email: