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New Stump Grinder now released!
July 2007
Thomas Grinding, Inc. is pleased to announce its new Stump Grinding Series; Stump Eater.The Stump Eater is a stump grinder for stump removal. The Stump Eater stump grinder is a stump grinding excavator attachment. Please check out our new Stump Eater stump grinder and feel free to call us about more information on our innovative ideas.

Thomas Grinding Launches New Rumble Strip Grinding Machine For Popular Skid Steers

Thomas Grinding, Inc. recently announced the introduction of their new compact SS-200 Rumble Strip Machine that has a unique patented design to mount on most popular skid steer equipment on the market today.

TGI owner Glen Thomas remarked,
"Our new SS-200 Rumble Strip Grinding Machine is small enough to fit most skid steer models and rugged enough to tackle your most demanding projects. We truly believe it is one of finest rumble strip machines on the market today."

The new SS-200 is able to grind shoulder rumble strips, center line rumble strips, transverse rumble strips, and also does small road planing and line removal.

For more information and free product literature, call Thomas Grinding, Inc. at 1-888-385-5023.

The SS-200 Rumble Strip Grinding Machine attaches to most popular skid steers--quickly and easily.

Glen Thomas, Owner
Thomas Grinding, Inc.

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