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Rumble Strip Grinding Machines

Thomas Grinding, Inc. manufactures two of the finest rumble strip grinding machines on the market today. Click on the SS-200 or TR-2000 model links below to view more information on each model.

For smaller projects. Offers quick turnaround, versatile capabilities and ease of handling. Attaches to any popular skid steer equipment with 35 hy-flo gpm or greater. Mills up to 5 miles per day*. Click here for more info.

For larger projects with greater grinding capabilities and speed. Skip option available. Mills up to 15 miles of asphalt per day*.
Click here for more info.

* Grinding speed may vary depending on the hardness of surface.

Patent numbers: 5,607,255; 5,391,017, 5,484,228; 6,843,535.

P.O. Box 1083, Moore Haven, FL 33471 (863) 946-1461 Fax: (863) 946-1448 Email: